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Dog Faeces on the Wandelpad

What a privilege it is to have the meandering footpath along our Klein River Estuary, established 25 years ago as The Wandelpad, which we can enjoy with our dogs. It is treasured by locals on a daily basis and listed as a must-do for visitors. Let’s not let it be fouled up by mounds of dog poo. As if we need added incentive to pick up after our dogs, veterinary pharmaceuticals can pose serious environmental hazards to our river and grasslands.

Besides the mess it makes of our Wandelpad, dog faeces not properly disposed of is polluting our river. In the States, a study was conducted in 1999 in Chesapeake Bay which found that three days’ worth of poo from 100 dogs could contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close the bay, and all watershed areas within about 50 kms of it, to swimming and fishing. Add to that the modern chemicals in our dogs’ diet and faeces, and it becomes quite a lethal mess. So don’t assume it will just disintegrate and eventually blow away – pick it up please!

The Wandelpad Committee will soon be erecting poo packet dispensers to help you, and we are looking into biodegradable packets too.  Article from the Wandelpad Team!

See, for example: