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Wandelpad Initiative

My name is Dirk Troost, and I am a scout with the 1st Hermanus scout group. I am currently working on my Springbok Scout award. And as part of this, I will be taking on part of the restoration of the Wandelpad as a community service project.

Myself and a team of scouts will be working on:
1. Repainting and sealing the wooden “Wandelpad” signs.
2. Cleaning up and replacing rusty nails on some of the bridges.
3. Building and installing more “Poo bag” dispensers.
4. Installing identification signs on several of the trees. These have been provided by a knowledgeable resident.
5. Restoring the “42 Steps”. This will involve shuffling some the more worn treads with less worn ones. And resealing the wood.
6. Mounting the dogs on leash signs on backing boards to prevent them from being bent or damaged.
7. Repainting the white feet markers all along the trails. The ones on concrete pillars at the entrances to the trail.

I would like to get as much input from the public as possible. If you have any notes or concerns about the above-mentioned aspects of the project. Or any other suggestions, please let me know. This project is entirely for the community, and thus it’s important to me that the locals are behind it.

Any feedback will be forwarded to Dirk via the SCT – see email addresses on the Contact page.