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AGM Feedback

Your Committee for 2019

Heritage Highlights: Katie Smuts

Leiwater graded Grade 3A heritage resource was approved following IGIC meeting 23 November 2018.

Buzzy Beez – R75 000 funding was secured from Rowland and Leta Hill Foundation for repairs to the building.

SCORE Swop Shop: Elma Hunter

The current site for the SCORE Swop Shop has proven very successful. It is well situated for the community it serves, with very pleasant surroundings and toilet facilities, some shade and a small wooden pole fence which provides seating for customers waiting in the queue to weigh bags of recyclables. Added to this, it is all very visible to passing foot and vehicle traffic and successfully creates awareness for the need to recycle which also results in keeping the village and surrounding areas, clean. A team of loyal volunteers continue to sort, mark, man the shop, run the Junktique and generally provide a wonderful service to the community of Stanford.

Wandelpad: Dave Hagen

The team of Wandelpad volunteers were thanked for the use of their time and resources to maintain and improve our village.

Key focus areas for 2019 are as follows:

-Large scale reed cutting and re-growth prevention ( selective poisoning)

-Estuary water quality and flow rates – long term strategy being planned

-Alien removal with improved community education and awareness campaigns

-Demolition of derelict school ablution facility

-Ongoing fund raising for SCT and Wandelpad – “Think and Drink Evenings”

-Camera being installed (already funded) to manage the abuse / noise / litter at Withers / Shaw’s house. Pending muni funding for a wooden board walk around Cappers wall to Milkwood forest.

-Extend the Wandelpad teams focus from De Bruyn St/Vlei St to the bird hide.

-Enhanced community education and awareness communication initiatives to try and mitigate vandalism/ littering and owner dog poo removal.

Other items:

The committee spent considerable time discussing the various portfolios, focussing on the wider scope of Conservation.  Howard Krut and Gertrud Lomas Walker’s motion tabled at the AGM, was debated.   Their vision of a ‘Transition Town’ based on the model of Greyton, was considered.  It was decided however, that this proposal does not fall under the auspices of SCT and should be established as a separate issue in the village. The issue of a Section 21 company encompassing all stand-alone bodies in the village was again discussed as being the ultimate solution.  Gertud Lomas Walker was however given the mandate to explore this option further and to present feedback to the committee.