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Protect your Property – reduce fire risk in gardens

Please note the following from the Overstrand Municipality:

Protecting your Property – reducing fire risk in gardens

Fire Season is here and Overstrand Municipality calls upon property owners to clear vacant land of young ‘alien trees’ and other vegetation that pose a safety and fire hazard to neighbouring properties and the general surroundings.

In light of the safety requirements set out in Section 34 of the Community Fire Safety By-Law, it is imperative for all property owners to take cognisance of their responsibility to prevent an accumulation of combustible material, including vegetative matter, on their premises.

Landowners wishing to clear their properties accordingly can obtain information on clearing contractors from Fire Department or the respective administration offices. More information can be obtained from the Plot Clearing Administrator at 028 313 8000 or


Guidelines for minimum standards for clearing vegetation:

• Grass and groundcover vegetation must not be higher than 500mm.

• Invasive alien vegetation, such as Port Jacksons, must be removed and controlled by regular cutting and may be treated with herbicide at the discretion of landowners to prevent re-growth.

• Contractors appointed by the municipality for clearing of private erven are not permitted to use any herbicides.

• All garden refuse, cuttings and excess combustible material (irrespective of the clearing process) shall be removed from the property and dispose of at the relevant municipal refuse transfer stations.

• Garden refuse may be chipped and spread over the cleared area as mulching in order to prevent soil erosion and to replenish soil nourishment.

Download the Clearing and Maintenance of Vegetation creating Fire Hazards Policy from click on Documents, click on Policies.”