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About Stanford Conservation

Stanford Conservation is an Non Profit Organisation (NPO) run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We raise funds through outside grants, donations, fund-raisers and membership fees of R200 a year.

These funds get used to conserve and improve our environment and our community.

The Structure:

  1. The environment – the Wandelpad
  2. SCORE swop shop – Community Education, Upliftment and Environmental Clean Up
  3. Heritage – Architecture

We have many exciting projects we hope to see come to fruition in 2019, amongst them:

  • Work with the Whale Coast Conservation Team on the clean-up of the Willem Appel Dam and open up the areas around De Bron and the dam by extending the wandelpad.
  • Assist with the reed clean up and cutting back of vegetation and the various community projects arising from this.
  • Continue the maintenance of the wandelpad, prevent invasive species, keep the shrubs cut back.
  • Continue working with the Heritage Western Cape to maintain the aesthetics of our village.
  • Leiwater management.
  • Significant Tree Survey.

We need to keep the momentum going. We need you, the villagers to join us, we need members with new modern ideas to take us forward. We need a skills data base of volunteers to call on when new projects arise, we need ideas, we need members, we need donations. Stanford needs you.

This will help:

The Stanford re-vitalisation project which not only includes Queen Victoria Street and the market square, but also the area around the community centre.

  • The assistance to the Whale Coast Conservation with the development of the area around the Williem Appel dam.
  • The continuation of Heritage‚Äôs work on aesthetics.
  • The success of SCORE.

Stanford Conservation has been going from strength to strength for 26 years, do not let it falter now.

To get involved, please go to the Contact page for more details!